Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Empress Scents Candles different? 

A -  Our dedication to clean scents! We use fragrance oils that have gone through scientific testing and revision to remove harmful chemicals and toxins. These toxins have been connected to asthma, Type 2 diabetes, ADHD, cancer, autism spectrum disorders, and fertility problems to name only a handful of health concerns. Our commitment to using fragrance oils that we know have removed these toxins allows us to produce a safe, cleaner burning candle that still has the amazing fragrance our customers are looking for. 

How are Empress Scents Candles made? 

A- All candles are hand made in small batches. Is that a big deal? Yes! We meticulously measure,  pour and package each candle to ensure the highest quality. We use only 100%pure soy wax and fragrance oils that have been vetted to ensure the highest quality scent that is safe and  nontoxic for your family and the environment. 

How does the Lotion Candles work? 

A - Building on our desire to produce natural , non- toxic and environmentally friendly products we created a candle made entirely of moisturizing butters and oils. Scented with our clean, non toxic scents these candles provide not only a wonderful aroma but also provide the skin nourishing benefits and even have natural SPF properties 

How do I order a gift box? 

A -  If you would like one of our best sellers, you can simply order online on the website and choose which box you’d like. 

If you want something custom made just contact us directly and we’ll build a custom gift just for you!